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  • What do I bring to class?
    Come ready to have fun and learn something new! Wear comfortable athletic clothes and tennis shoes. Also please bring a clearly marked water bottle.
  • What does a typical class look like?
    A typical session includes age appropriate activites: physical fitness component, skill demonstartions and practice, fun lead up games and instructional scrimmages. Team building activies are woven throughout instruction.
  • What curriculum is used?
    All lessons are based around meeting or exceeding the California State Physical Education Standards. Each class follows a curriculum-based lesson plan that is designed to help each student develop the skills necessary to play the sport. Classes are conducted in a way to help increase the students current fitness level in a fun atmoshpere.
  • Where do we meet if it is raining?
    If it is raining you will be emailed by 10am the day of class. Alameda classes meet at First Immanuel Church's gym. Castro Valley classes meet at CV First Church's gym.
  • How do the classes accomedate a wide range of ages and abilities?
    Drills will start out simple and proceed into more diffecult tasks. We want to meet students were they are at and go from there! Certian skill stations will have student choice of activity with various levels of difficulity to challenge students where they are at. Some scrimmages will be split according to skill level and others will be mixed to promote teamwork and working with others of all abilities.
  • What sports will my child be learning?
    There will be a wide variety of team/individual sports and activites. Each unit, which lasts four weeks, will focus on a different sport. Here is a list of sports that will be covered: soccer, ulitimate frisbee, basketball, fitness, yoga, flag football, pickle ball, beach volleyball and baseball/softball. Jump rope, hula hooping, juggling, and other activies will also be included.
  • Can classes be made up if my child misses a class?
    Yes, if your child misses a class for any reason they are more than welcome to join another class at my other location anytime during the semester! Absences will not be credited towards the next month for those paying out of pocket.
  • Which Charter Schools is Shine Through Motion a vendor for?
    Shine Through Motion (Leah Pero) is an active vendor with these Charter Schools: Pacific Charter Institute, Valley View Charter Prep, Heritage Peak, Connecting Waters , Connecting Waters East Bay, and Hickman. Contact Leah Pero at (510) 394-5377 to inquire about adding your Charter School! Check with your ES/teacher about writing montly Purchase Orders (POs).
  • What precautions are taken during Covid-19 to help ensure our child's saftey?
    Shine Through Motion will follow all of Alameda County Health recommendations for outdoor activities for youth. Classes are limited to 20 students. All students will use hand sanitizer or wash with soap before and after class. All classes will be held outside in the open, fresh air. Equipment will be sanitized between classes.
  • How does Shine Through Motion give back?
    Shine Through Motion (STM) gives back to the local community by providing full and partial scholarships to students both for classes and summer camp. STM is a monthly supporter of Foster the City, which is an organization that helps raise foster children to be placed in loving homes, raises awareness, and helps empower individuals to be support friends for those fostering. STM sponsors two children, Victor (13) and Yordelli (8), living in the Dominican Republic through World Vision. STM sponsors an Alameda Youth Basketball team.
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