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Maria K. - Card received from VVCP 5th Grade Student

Dear Coach Leah,

You are a great coach. I love going to your class because it is very fun and I can make new friends and learn new games!     Love, Maria   

Alyssa R. - High School Student

"I was so happy to have Coach Pero as my PE teacher.  She is the most caring, generous, outgoing, and talented person I have ever met.  Her positive and loving spirit are contagious. I learned so much about various sports from her.  She was instrumental in introducing me to volleyball, which I immediately fell in love with and have continued to pursue in high school competitively as my passion."  

Jenny L. - Parent 

"Thank you for being such a great PE teacher to Ashleigh. She has grown so much in the past year and is doing so much better with her physical activities.  I really appreciate you spending time with her and working with her so she can reach her milestones. She is always excited for P.E. days!" 

Amanda H. - Teacher

"Coach Pero, you are an inspiration! It is so awesome to see such endless enthusiasm and love poured into our community of kids! Thank you for getting our kids so into being physically active. I love seeing them completely engaged and excited!"

Carmen J. - 8th Grade Hickman Parent 

"Thank you so much for being part of Daisy's team this year. It's made a huge difference for her to have a safe and fun place to be active. She has really enjoyed all the games and sports she's played with you all. She always looks forward to coming to Shine Through Motion. 

Connecting Waters - Parent

"My 8-year old looked forward to Leah's class every week. He's a cautious guy in general (and a perfectionist, in his  own  words!), so the fact that he was willing to try new things in her class speaks volumes to her ability as a teacher to help kids feel comfortable and safe.  He's really looking forward to the next session of Shine Through Motion!" 


Yelena T. - Parent

"Coach Pero, your love for kids shines through your classes. Your love for an active life is a great influence on them. Thank you for sharing your gifts with kids and adults alike." 

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